Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mouse and Frog

"Greetings from Germany", writes Karoline, "I collect pictures from funny animal pairs too. Here's my one image from a frog, that rescues a mouse from high water."

UPDATE: Hello Digg! Slashdot FTW! Only joking, lovely to see you all here.

Dog, Squirrel and Bird

"This is my dog Bailey taking care of abby squirrels and her bird Lucky", writes Janine Goodwin.

Wow, three-way animal friendship, can anyone top that?

Dog and Chicken

"This is Baxter and Miss Dog (the chicken). She sleeps with Baxter in front of the heater every night until warm weather arrives", informs Susan Farnum.

Hippo and Turtle

A popular image this, sent in by multiple people including, Nicholas Tucker, Steven-Anderson Smith, Sandy van Veen ("Very pleased to see you're back one your site. I thought it was such a lovely concept, but it appeared to have stopped in 2004."), Candace, Lurena Disney and Tim Rhomberg.

Dog and Fawn

As sent in by Kevin Jurgens. Yay for Kevin.

Pony and Cat

Sent in by Gary Buchler, "Enjoy", we writes. And we did. Twice.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lamb and Dog

Stacey Keene confides, "This is my dog Petey & my lamb Ewan. They love each other."

Deer and Dog

Linda Riebel writes, "A lady found the fawn under her step (they think the doe might have been hit by a car) her Ridge Back dog is helping look after it. The family named the fawn Bella."

"Daddy, let's play horsey!"

Thanks to Steven-Anderson Smith for sending this in. (Although he clearly stole it off stuffonmycat.)

Cat and Turtle

"Here is a picture of our cat and turtle", informs The Nichols Family, "The cat Jasmine makes a greeeeaaat baby sitter, the kids tie a string around the turtles shell, the turtle walks away, nd the cat pulls him back. The cat sleeps in the box and the turtle sleeps with her."

Cat and Rabbit

Thanks to Amanda Lee for sending these snaps of her pets.

Max Loves Chelsea

"Our family thinks this one is a classic. Thanks for offering a place to share", mews Cheri Laser.

Cat and Moose

"This appeared in the Anchorage Daily News (Alaska, USA) some time ago, moose are so common here, it's a surprise we don't have more photos like this!", emails Ariel De Lormier.